60 Poop Bags
Dirty Talk Deodorizing Shampoo
£9.99 £7.99
Dog Rocks
From £12.99 £9.99
Dog's B.F.F. Detangling Spray
£9.99 £7.99
Dogs Body
£4.99 £3.99
Dry Clean Waterless Spray Shampoo
£9.99 £7.99
Fox Poo
£4.99 £3.99
Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets
£8.90 £8.25
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Tablets
£18.90 £17.49
High Maintenance Conditioner
£9.99 £7.99
Life’s An Itch Skin Soothing Shampoo
£9.99 £7.99
Mixed Vegetable Tablets
£8.90 £7.99

Health & Hygiene

Every dog had its individual requirements, which will change over the different life stages. Your dog should obtain all the vitamins and minerals through a well-balanced diet.
However, there are occasions when it may require supplements which could when your dog is recovering from an illness.
At Natural Dogz, you can find everything your dog needs to keep them healthy from digestive supplements and dental care to skin & coat supplements and special diet dog foods.