Scrunch Knots
From £6.06 £4.99
Wild Knots - Bear
From £6.44 £5.99
Wubba Ballistic Friends
From £5.93 £4.59
From £3.84 £3.30
Cozies Naturals
From £5.09 £4.49
Cross Knots - Small/Medium
From £7.50 £5.99
Cozie Brights
From £5.09 £4.49
Wubba Friends
From £6.32 £4.99
Wubba Floppy Ears
From £5.14 £4.49
Safari Braidz
From £5.38 £3.99
From £6.49 £5.99
CuteSeas - Octopus
From £5.69 £4.69

Soft Toys

There are times when your dog will love nothing more than cuddling up with a soft, plush toy, its best friend for those relaxing moments after a long walk or a tiring day.
Here you will find the perfect selection of these plush friends to cosy up to and gently play with, all free from sharp objects and toxic substances.
Choose from this delightful selection of soft toys and make your dog very happy indeed!