Poo Bags 8 Rolls 120pcs Lavender Scented

Earth Rated - Poo Bags 8 Rolls 120pcs Lavender Scented

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Providing you with everything you would need from a waste disposal bag, the Earth Rated Poo Bags provide convenient, extra thick and super tough doggy waste bags, with a fresh lavender scent to help block out those nasty odours and handy tie handles for easy tie up after use.

Containing an EPI additive to help break down bags after use, Earth Rated Poo Bags help care for the planet, with the roll core and packaging made from recycled materials.  Each bag measures 13.5″ x 7″ perfect for whether you have a little or large pooch, compressed in a handy open-back storage box for easy removal of poo bags as and when you need them.

  • Extra thick, super tough lavender scented bags
  • Packaging made from recycled materials
  • Bag measurements 13.5″ x 7″
  • Opening at the back of the box allowing you to grab one at a time